Proper care of horses


Did you wake up this morning and feel a chill in the air? Was your immediate reaction to think about your horses and whether they are warm enough? All of us do it, talk about it, endlessly discuss it but it is still a guessing game.  

Over the last couple of weeks have you felt too hot to sleep kicking off the quilt to get more comfortable or felt a little bit dizzy when going from a cold environment to a hot one, if so you will know what the early stage of heat stress feels like. 

What happens if a horse has too many rugs on? Heat stress can affect horses in many ways which include:

  • Electrolyte imbalances 
  • Equines immunity to disease
  • Limit growth and healing
  • Reduction in the function of the thyroid gland and a horse’s natural ability to control its own temperature
  • Coat quality and the oils within the coat


Seems incredible to think that in a few weeks our thoughts will be turning to clipping, the changeable autumn months (though summer is challenging) and the long winter months. 

Eqclusive’s owner, Marta has hints and tips to help you solve your rug problems forever.

Rugs have been designed to help horses to keep the temperature of their body as stable as possible. However many of us forget to sustain the right temperature we need to ensure that horses need to first be able to do so themselves. How can you ensure this?

Correct diet and proper grooming is the basics of circulation and therefore sustaining temperature. Correct diet can be easily determined by simple blood tests to ensure that all hormones, electrolytes and vitamins are in norm and if abnormalities occur how to change the diet to help your horse.

Grooming with correct equipment helps in maintaining a good flow of blood, distributing oxygen throughout the body and muscles and improving coat quality by unclogging pores that stop the flow of natural oil to the coat. Brushes made of horse hair naturally help with circulation and therefore solve these problems. Eqclusive Packs and Alan Davies Pack of brushes are especially designed not only to turnout your horse to be the shiniest in the ring but also to ensure, on day to day basis, correct coat management. 

But how can we ensure that horses do not overheat or feel the cold?

Orscana from Arioneo takes the guesswork away and gives you the correct information so that you can rug your horses for them, not for you. Designed to be used 365 days a year, 24 hours a day not only will you never have the endless discussions of which rugs to use but you will also know what your horse is doing when you are not there, whether he is in the stable or out in the field! Don’t forget when you travel, this great device takes the stress out of travel for both you and your horse!

Bring your horse management into the 21st century, using science and technology. Data is delivered from a sensor on your horse directly to your phone, allowing you to make the right decisions every day for the benefit of your horse.    



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