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Christmas time can be quite daunting for partners, husbands and wives of horse lovers. Horse lovers often have one main passion (horses) and if a person does not follow trends or allow the horse lover to gain the understanding what all the products are, it is very hard to know where to start... 

Yes, we do speak a lot about our passion and everything that goes with it (did we mention cleaning stables?) but when it comes to what you want or need it can be hard to choose from million of adverts, Google searches, magic products and words like numnah!

With that in mind, working together with our customers' feedback, we have created a list of five most wanted gifts with some discount codes for our readers.

  1.  EQCLUSIVE PACKS (starting from £65 plus P&P)

Haas Packs Eqclusive - Exclusive in the world

Eqclusive packs are a perfect Christmas gift. They come packed in a nice box and most importantly, they really are exclusive and bespoke brushes. 

All the reviews really speak for themselves when it comes to these brushes, this feedback can be find on our blog

"I highly recommend Haas brushes. I was a doubter, but am now a convert!"

"Well... I am a true convert! I couldn't believe how brilliantly they cleaned. I did before and after shots the first time I used them and they were as good as the ones in the advert!!"

Most of the packs take at least fourteen days to arrive so please keep that in mind when ordering. You can order from:

Feel free to email with help what pack to choose (the colour of the horse matters here).


2. DIMACCI jewellery and accessories (starting from £24 plus P&P)

Dimacci create timeless (pardon the pun), elegant and high-class accessories such as bracelets, watches, scarves, belts - luxury lifestyle products inspired by creativity and passion. 

The artist behind the brand is Ines Dieckmann, who called her first bracelet - Alba (the best selling to date) after her favourite mare. Ines gained the trust of renowned fashion companies such as Tommy Hilfiger, Gardeur and Basler for which she designed various accessories and for which she is still working. 

All Dimacci products are made of high-class leather that is used in well known exclusive and  expensive brand.

We promise your partner will not be disappointed with the selection of bracelets and belts! Order at


3. SleekEZ (10' - horse size - is £19.95 plus P&P)

10' SleekEZ Horse Shedding Tool, no clipping needed

This simple, but effective tool is taking the whole world by storm. It sheds loose hair and dirt from the coat all year round. We are sure you heard your partner of friend moaning about muddy horse, that is a quick and simple solution that will not only help to clean horses but also maintain its healthy coat.

SleekEZ handle is constructed of popular wood waterproofed with a "green" water-based lacquer. The metal blade is unique and exclusive to SleekEZ.  You will not find the same blade available on the market.

Available for next day dispatch and until Christmas, if you get two SleekEZ items P&P is for free using code: sleekez4christmas


4. QHP Breeches (starting from £48.95)

QHP Breeches are of an amazing quality. What is more important is that (as you have maybe already heard) lately horse riders love to have everything matching - patterns, colours and brands. With QHP products the rider can also match the horse outfit! Is that not amazing?

QHP is a fresh brand in UK, but our company and our customers just love their stuff. From colourful rugs, numnahs, to breeches with the same print!

Different prints are available here:


5. BUSSE Stable Bag  (£56 plus P&P)

 Very spacious and inherently stable hanging bag for a clean and sorted storage of e.g. bandages, tendon boots, bell boots, grooming items, insect repellent, headcollars, cremes etc. directly near the horse. 

The full range of BUSSE Products can be browsed at:


Finally... If you are still struggling with the choice, we offer gift cards ranging from £10 to £100 - they can be purchased from:  

Happy Christmas Riding!

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