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Review of our grooming brushes from Lisa - a customer whose horse is living outside and is using Eqclusive Bay/Chestnut Pack

"Being quite sceptical about most things in life, i was just the same about these brushes. 'Was it a trick of the camera?'. 'Were the videos rigged?'. 'Was the feedback real?'. I could go on and on! I am the person who stands at the side of a stall at shows when there is a demonstration raising my eyebrows and telling my family it is all gimmicks!

However, i needed new grooming brushes and looked in the local tack shop and saw the price of a good quality brush were not much difference to these. So I ordered a set for my dark bay mare. They came in a lovely box, which I still keep them in.

My mare is still living out with a rain sheet so I didn't expect great results. However, I was very pleasantly surprised. From a muddy coat which was sticking up as it had been glued with muck to a smooth shiny gloss. I was amazed at how much dirt that was removed from deep down in the coat. I am a lazy groomer so this makes it look like I strap for hours!

HAAS Chestnut and Bay Pack Review Results

My horse is not always happy with having her face brushed but did not have any objections to the brush out of this pack. Her head lowered and i managed to brush her face properly for the first time.

I have got rid of the other brushes I had - as I feel that these are all I really need now.

Highly recommend Eqclusive Packs. I was a doubter, but am now a convert!"


  • Clare Robinson

    I absolutely love the Haas brushes after already buying/using the coloured pack on my piebald mare it was a no brainer to invest in the chestnut pack for my new horse a Clydesdale x. I think the brush packs are excellent value for money my horses seem to love being groomed with them and I love going through the brushes in order and watching their coats become more shiney with each brush. I would highly recommend them!

  • Kelly Pollard

    I had been watching these brushes for about a year wondering like everyone else are they that good. I brought the chestnut pack and was excited to try them.
    I can honestly say the first time I used them I was sweating as they really get into the coat and give you a real workout plus the dust that these brushes bring up is unbelievable. I tested with my old brushes and then groomed him with these. You wouldn’t have believed I’d already groomed him. They are so worth the money team exclusive you are amazing.

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