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I’m not a sponsored rider. Yet. As a free agent, if I recommend a product that really works, you can bet that it’s good, simply because I’m not being paid to say so.

These brushes have entirely changed how I groom my horses.

I can take a windblown fuzz ball out of the pasture and within fifteen minutes, have him looking like a stabled show pony. The brushes recommended for use vary according to the coat colour of our horses. Here, Cypress is being groomed with one of the range for blacks, bays and browns. Chestnuts, sorrels and palominos have a second grouping and greys, white and 'coloured' horses, a third. This, I think because our deeper horses have such richly oiled hair coats. The redheads are seemingly more delicate and of course, our greys constantly have stains and 'scurfiness' that have to be owned and dealt with, to be believed.

Each colour of horse has a particular order to use the brushes in, generally three or four per grooming, going from deep cleaning all the way to a final gloss. The face brush is a particular favourite of Cypress and he will stand endlessly, with his eyes closed, asking for more.

HAAS brushes have been made in Germany since 1919. Now patented, their motto ‘bespoke care’ means that they are still being used by the leading grooms of international dressage and show jumping horses. I figure if they are good enough for Charlotte Dujardin’s famous groom, Alan Davies and the beautiful Valegro, they are good enough for the likes of me!

The brush packs are distributed worldwide by Eqclusive and first-time orders are currently 15% off. I’m going to share the link to their website, simply because I have absolutely loved the HAAS range of brushes, for the past year. They are effective through all the seasons of the hair coat and even my sensitive 'moving target' horses are now enjoying their grooming, some, for the first time ever. Regular washing brings the brushes up like new.

These brushes have entirely removed my need of expensive (and chemical) spray coat glosses.

Beautifully boxed, they would make an extraordinary gift for the horse lover in your life. Or, be like me, and just treat yourself and your equine friends.


Update: As of October, 2022, I am now the newest ambassador for Eqclusive, the distributor of HAAS brush sets. Keystone followers are welcome to 15% off any orders from by using this discount code: LIVINGWELLRIDINGBETTER.

Thank you all for your enthusiastic response, making this new step possible!

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