Quartermarks - blog by Emma Stewart

In this blog i would like to show how to do quartermarks.

There is lots of different ways to do them including by hand or with a stencil. 
Here I will show you two ways how I have done them by hand.
To start you need a sponge (damp) , a brush - the Haas Coat Gloss brush works for me but its also down to personal choice! 
First dampen the hairs .not to wet or the hairs go to dark. Then you should brush the hairs so they are all smooth. 
After this starting at the top brush down in three straight lines (shown on photo/video) 
If you are happy they are straight/equal then brush again the same way as the hair at the bottom of the lines so they become neat and straight. After this you need to make the sharks teeth. Start just under the three lines by brushing up in a diagonal to the right then you brush down in a diagonal to the right over the top of the first line. This will give you half of a triangle . Then you must brush up again diagonally to the right joining the lines to create a full triangle.. This should be repeated 3/4 more times so the whole side of the horses bottom below the three stripes  has this. Afterwards you must round of the bottom. starting with the brush at the side from the top of the tail brush down in a line. This creates a fuller rounder impression from behind. Once both sides are equal take the brush and from behind brush once a line directly from the middle of the back to the top of the tail. This straightens the stripes out at the top to make it look better. At the end spray a little bit of hairspray on top so they stay in place longer.
For small squares like a chessboard you will need a plastic hair comb cut into a small square piece approximately 1inch wide.. 
Starting like before with the sponge and brushing you then take the small comb and pull down the hairs making a small square. Then another one touching it but lower and again higher and so on until you are 2/3inches away from the area of the tail. Then finish it by going down in the same way until the bottom of the pattern is just one square , usually i do 5,4,3,2,1.. But it depends how small or big you prefer. Once the squares are there you continue the bottom with the sharks teeth and the line from the tail as the previous pattern. 
You can also add squares into the stripes or make a v pattern, letters or anything. these are just two ways i personally use. You can use these for dressage , showjumping (not pure sj shows), racing , showing , crosscountry etc.. When done correctly they can look really smart. 
I have again enclosed some photos from ones i have done whilst at competitions previously
Till next time,

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