You & Your Horse and Haas brushes to conquer the winter!

We have been mentioning our partners at 'You & Your Horse' for few weeks now.

Some of you already booked demonstrations (to book yours go to: ) and some will be able to take part in the project run by our founder - where we will be using You & Your Horse products as well as the reputable Haas brushes.

We decided to partner with this company due to mutual love for horses, their well being and ensuring that they are kept beautiful and in the healthiest way possible. We all know that to keep horses healthy we need to give them good feed (an article about Equinox feed will be coming soon) but also ensure we give them plenty of exercises, one to one time and brushing to help promote good, healthy coat and circulation.

In the winter time brushing and keeping horses looking good can become a chore that we do not want to take part in. Horses coated in mud, tails full of shavings, hay and mud and of course their mane that just looks like one big messy tangle of hair.

Products offered by You & Your Horse can really help you to justify going through that tough time.

Starting with the 3D High Shine Mane & Tail Conditioning Spray that locks in moisture, helps the mane and tail to keep the mud away from getting right to the hair. While the coat requires just a very small amount of High Glossy Conditioner. Both of those conditioners are based on a special formula that locks in moisture while making it super shiny and helping you to clean the tail/mane/coat after. This feature represents a massive difference to another products on the market. Other products either offer you an easiness of brushing - de-tangling effect - or a temporary shine that fades after few hours and makes the tail very dry.


The most important thing however is that when using those products in a combination with effective brushing using Haas brushes promotes a healthy coat that shines by itself, it's nourished and helps the growth of hair. There is loads of reviews on our blog, social media when people are shouting that their horses coat is super shiny after using Haas brushes. Most of us, however, do not understand why and think it's another marketing campaign.


So what is happening when we use the right brushes and right products to our horse's coat?

Firstly, by using brushes that consists of horse hair bristles we ensure that horse's skin receive a massage that enhances the circulation. Long time ago, when horses were wild animals that's how they naturally maintained their skin health and we promote that too. Further, horse hair bristles ensure that coat that is either sturdy or too fluffy become smooth and it begins to be closer to the skin. With that, it receives more vitamins, nourishment from the actual inside (that's where we are back to the feed part and our favourite Equinox) and that now needs to be locked into the hair before it gets dirty, muddy or exposed to weather conditions like rain or snow. You & Your Horse products are exactly doing that by also giving extra moisture to the coat, mane and tail. With all of that, the horse hair is naturally nourished which enhances the growth of hair.

These products, combined with using correct Haas brushes, will save you time, effort and what's most important will keep your horse happier while maintaining the natural shine. Furthermore, they will make your horse show ready.

Over the next few weeks we will be posting videos that will show you the correct way of using these products and give you tips on how to maintain a cleaner looking pony this winter time.

The whole "Horse Spa" series will be continued throughout the year. The winter series will be revealed to you in stages in the next couple of weeks.

We are keen to demonstrate the products to you, the correct use of them as well as tips for maintaining healthy and beautifully looking horses. With that, we hope we will start seeing better (and healthier) maintenance of horses' coats in the UK and beyond.

Hope you are as excited as us. Happy grooming!

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