HAAS Brushes are achieving an amazing shine.

How to keep them clean, wash them? Washing machine for those brushes sometimes can be too harsh (even though manufacturer says you can) and we believe the best way to wash them and keep them in tip top condition is by washing them by hand.

Our owner has her pack for over 25 years and with that we are giving you her secret on how to keep it in the best condition.

So how to wash them...

You will need warm and cold water, soap/shampoo (please use the same that your horse is using if he is allergic, we strongly recommend the Pro Sense Shampoo) and Haas New Generation Curry Comb.

Step by step


Please note! HAAS Instructions on washing Diva Brush:

Information For Washing the Diva Lambswool Brushes:

By brushing out with another horsehair brush, using the Haas cleaning brush Frank, as well as with a moist sponge you can remove a great part of dirt.  It if is necessary to remove additional dirt, Haas recommends to wash it by hand with a lambswool cleaner not warmer than 30 degrees Celsius.  Please pay attention to the following:

These brushes must dry in room temperature (do not place them on a heating device or in the sun).  You should plan on 2-3 days drying time. Please do not put the brushes in the dryer.

In general products with lambswool should not be washed often as with each washing the lambswool leather loses some fat content.  This should be avoided as much as possible.

If washed improperly Haas does not extend a warranty.  If the lambswool comes loose glue it back with a hot glue gun.

If the brush contains eczema, fungus or similar, please dispose of the brush.

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