HAAS brushes - Reviews

We held a week of featuring Haas, in which we took you closer to this company and its brushes.

On Facebook nowadays, things can get overwhelming with the number of posts and with that we have decided to put all of the information in one place for you, as blog posts.

Links to the reviews / blog posts below:

  • Eqclusive Grey and White Pack 

Why Leah uses Haas:  http://eqclusive.com/blogs/news/76513857-haas-grey-and-white-pack-review

Why Natalie uses Haas: http://eqclusive.com/blogs/news/76509889-haas-grey-and-white-pack-review

Why Victoria uses Haas: http://eqclusive.com/blogs/news/76507905-haas-grey-pack-review

  • Eqclusive Bay Chestnut Pack

Why Lisa uses Haas: http://eqclusive.com/blogs/news/76509569-haas-bay-and-chestnut-pack-review

If you have your own review, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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