Why grooming your horse is so important? Grooming vs Bathing your horse

"I cannot wait for summer to bathe my horse" While it may seem like a natural choice, it's actually not the best way to keep your horse clean.

Bathing can strip your horse's coat of natural oils, causing its body to work harder to replace them. This can have detrimental effects on your horse's health and welfare. Therefore, it's imperative to carefully consider the most effective ways to maintain your horse's cleanliness and well-being.

As responsible horse owners, it is our duty to ensure that our furry friends have the best possible care. One important aspect of this is keeping their skin and coats clean in a natural way. Animals rely on us to make the right choices and use our knowledge to provide them with the best possible care. By using natural methods to clean our pets, we can help them maintain their health and happiness. So let's do our part in ensuring that our animal companions live their best lives!  

To ensure that your horse's skin and coat receive natural oils, it is important to groom them regularly with appropriate brushes. Use brushes that are made from natural horse hair bristles, as they not only clean the coat more efficiently but also clean the pores and help build a bond with your horse more quickly. Research suggests that using horse hair bristled brushes can create more brain waves, leading to a stronger bond between you and your horse. 
It’s been proven that horse hair bristled brushes mimic the bond between mare and foal. 
Grooming also reduces the horse's heart rate. Additionally, grooming with horse-bristled brushes can enhance the natural grooming functions like bonding, group cohesion, and appeasement. Focus on grooming at the base of the neck to further reduce the horse's heart rate.

Our patented set of horse brushes is designed for different coat types, taking into account the amount of black, brown, or yellow melanin pigment in each hair, which is determined by genetics. Coat length and texture are also hereditary factors considered in the creation of our brush packs. Research shows that using the correct bristled brushes can improve a horse's coat by cleaning pores, removing dirt and shedding hairs, stimulating circulation, and distributing natural oils, resulting in not only health and welfare benefits but also a polished appearance.
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