Eqclusive Packs - Which pack is best for me? - HAAS Horse Grooming Brushes

Eqclusive Packs are specifically designed to cater to different types of horse coats and the grooming needs associated with them. The packs include a selection of HAAS horse grooming brushes that are made of ethically-sourced horse hair. These brushes are known for their outstanding results in promoting a healthy coat, natural shine, and nourishment for the horses.

Here are the different packs available and their recommended usage based on the coat colors:

    • This pack is suitable for black and bay horses. Most of them have short, sturdy coats.
    • Black and bay horses tend to produce a lot of oil, and excess oil can block the pores and hinder optimal nutrition.
    • The pack includes five brushes that effectively remove dirt and non-essential oil, leaving a healthy amount of oil on the coat.
    • These brushes help maintain the natural oils of the horse's hair and protect them from weather conditions.
    • This pack is designed for chestnut horses with softer coats and more sensitive skin.
    • Chestnut horses sweat less compared to darker-colored horses but can attract more dust.
    • The pack includes four brushes that remove dust and dirt from underneath the coat and provide a show-ready polished look.
    • It also comes with two "finishing brushes" to enhance shine.
    • This pack is suitable for grey, white, and colored horses.
    • Grey/Colored horses have soft coats that can be sturdy and stubborn when brushed against the grain.
    • The pack includes a brush made of coconut fibers to remove stable and field-related stains, followed by a brush that cleans both the undercoat and topcoat.
    • It also comes with two "finishing brushes" to enhance shine.


If you have more than one horse with different coat colors, you can consider the EQCLUSIVE UNIVERSAL PACK, which caters to all coat types. It provides instructions for each specific coat color to achieve the best results and shine.


The bristle mixtures include natural horse hair, which provides comfort to your horse and mimics the sensation of another horse rubbing against them. Additionally, we prioritize safety and we avoid the use of nails or pins in the brush production.

The feedback we have received from our customers speaks for itself. People have been impressed with the results they achieved using Eqclusive Packs and  brushes. They have reported shiny coats, improved comfort during grooming sessions, and positive experiences with their horses. The reviews, photos, and videos on our website showcase these success stories.

We are confident that you will find the grooming accessories you need within the Eqclusive range. We wholeheartedly trust these products and stand by their effectiveness. If you would like a demonstration of how they work, please don't hesitate to contact us and arrange a visit. The available packs can be found on our website, where you can learn more about our offerings and place an order.

Eqclusive has invested a lot of time in developing videos, tutorials, and demonstrations to understand and showcase the effectiveness of these brushes. The company aims to help horse owners maintain healthy, beautiful, and show-ready horses worldwide.



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