Stiffness - blog by Agi Falenta, owner of Equitness

You wake up in the morning …..stiff again. Who knows this scenario ..? Unfortunately, many of us.

After a long hard day, feeling tired, tense and sore … we are all very familiar with this scenario too.

Do you do something about it? Probably not, - not enough time, too tired, no energy, always something else to do. Having only one body, we should really pay more attention, listen to what our body is telling us, help our body to recover.

When a rider has been stiff for a long time, the large mobilising muscles e.g. transverse abdominous, quadriceps, glutes etc… will take over the role of weakened stabilising muscles e.g. psoas muscles.

This means that you are unable to perform well on your horse and unable to influence your horse with your seat. Then your horse will start to stiffen and even shorten his stride. This is a vicious circle.

What should we do? A couple of simple stretching, relaxing, stress relieving exercises every morning and evening. Or even in the middle of the day to give your body a boost of energy.

I promise you that this short routine/flow doesn’t take a lot of time, but performing them every day will bring great benefits and your body will be thankful for it.

The flow/routine

2.Rest position/child pose
3.Cat to down dog
4.Child pose
5.Hip rolls (feet up)
6.Hip flexor + gluteal stretch
7.Rolling like a ball
8.Knee to chest

Repeat this routine up to 5-8 times, enjoy.

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