Palomino and Dun Horses - review of Eqclusive Grey Pack - by customer Helen


What can I say about the Eqclusive royal brush pack ? Other than it made me and my horses royally happy!

We tested out the brushes on both a clipped dun and an unclipped palomino, thinking that it can’t give good results to both… and the results were amazing! Straight out of the stable where he’d been rolling all night, we brushed Mr T, who is a clipped dun horse and he certainly did enjoy the pampering! Then came Piper’s turn, an unclipped palomino, she was brought in from the round pen after a work session and she was covered head to toe in sweat, sand and dirt.

We started off with the first HAAS brush “Schimmel”, which removes stable and field stains (and boy there was a few of them ) the bristles which are made of a specific fibre meant getting all the stable stains from Mr T, and all the dirt and Grime from Piper was an absolute doddle, and there was not as much elbow grease required as usual, cutting the brushing time in half easily!

After, we used the second HAAS brush “Lipizzaner”, which removes sweat and sweat combined with the oils from the coat. Mr. T had been asleep in a heavy rug, and Piper doing a good workout so both had a fair bit of sweat and oil in their coat , now this is where you really started to see the difference as they both started to get a bit lighter before our eyes as the oils/residue from under their coats started to come out.

HAAS “Coat Gloss” was next (or FellglanzbÜrste as it says on the brush) this one continues the work of the second brush and removes any of the residue leftovers in the coat and starts to give a glossy look, by now both Piper and Mr T are really starting the look the part.

Finally we got to HAAS “Diva” the finishing part of the set and both Mr. T and Piper really enjoyed this luxuriously soft lambswool brush, even Piper who is usually quite difficult to brush on the face, made an exception for this ultra-soft brush. (And no all the girls at the yard did not try it on their faces too just to see how soft it really was….no siree, that never happened), at the end they were both clean, light and shiny and show ready!

Two horses, one dun and one palomino, one clipped and one unclipped, one straight from the stable (stains and all) and one straight from work, covered in sand grime and everything else… both looking absolutely fabulous thanks to the Eqclusive brushes, and to top it all off the royal pack came with a curry comb which is great for keeping the brushes clean and getting that first layer of grime off, a mane and tail brush and a Sleekez for when the coat starts to come out!

Clipped Dun 5/5 & Unclipped Palomino 5/5 = 10/10 for the Eqclusive brush pack!


Please note that all photos and text are provided by customer.


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