A guide on how to take care of your horse’s hair - by You & Your Horse

Part 1 - Washing the horse

The best way to start looking after your horse’s hair is to give it a proper washing. This is a necessary condition for the hair to look healthy and beautiful.
This is particularly important when you want to apply a new brand of conditioner to your horse’s hair. Each conditioner on the market has a different composition, so it may not work exactly as you would expect, especially if you previously used a different conditioner.
1. Before soaking your horse, prepare a bucket, a sponge and shampoo. Pour into the bucket about 30 ml of shampoo, for example: So Silky, White Pearl or Black Pearl, and then fill the bucket with water, creating foam.
2. Once you have everything ready, you can proceed to soaking the horse with running water. Please mind that some horses do not like having their mouth  sprayed with water.
Remember to soak the horse always beginning from the legs and moving slowly upwards.
3. When your horse is wet, take the bucket with the water-shampoo solution and immerse the tail in it. 
Please do not forget your safety and that the horse may kick. To avoid this stand on the side of your horse and not directly behind him/her. You can ask someone for help to hold the bucket on the other side while you gently soak the tail.
4. Then remove the tail from the bucket and change the water if it is very dirty. If not, take the sponge and wash the horse. Remember to avoid the area around the eyes and nostrils.
5. While cleaning the mane and the tail you can also apply the shampoo directly, without diluting it. Try to accurately distribute the shampoo and gently knead the hair so it does not tangle, in the meantime massaging the shampoo in the horse skin.
6. Do not use too hot water and the last rinse is best done in cool water to close the hair scales.
7. Washing the horse hair cleans it from dirt, dust and pollution which allows for better absorption of the conditioner.
8. When you deal with a very dirty horse you can repeat the washing and in particularly dirty places the shampoo can be applied directly.
9. At the end of the treatment remember to thoroughly rinse the entire horse, squeegee off the water and to dry your horse in the sun.
Washing your horse’s coat and hair is the first and most important step in the hair care. Therefore, it is worth to use appropriate shampoos suitable for the horse skin, coat and hair. Remember that human shampoos are not suitable for horses. They may wash the skin and hair, but the question is whether they will not, for example, over-dry them ...
Have fun, but please remember to keep your as well as your horse’s safety in mind.
Below video showing the technique. On You & Your Horse YouTube channel you can find more videos.

Part 2 - Mane and tail conditioner 

1. Having thoroughly washed your horse, it is worth to apply a conditioner to the already dry mane and tail.
Why it is worth to wash your horse once in a while?
- To let the conditioner reach the very structure of the hair and nourish the hair directly, rather than the previous conditioner or dirt on the hair. With dirty hair the conditioner will not have a chance to reach the hair and nurture it.
Why should you apply the conditioner to the dry mane and tail?
- To give the conditioner a chance to get to the hair instead of getting flowed down with the remainder of the water.
2. If you want to nourish the hair or regenerate it, you should use a hair conditioner and not a glossy spray. It is good to consider which effect you want to achieve - is it a strong glossy effect with good combability  or is it regeneration of the hair combined with good combability?
3. Why does the horse hair grow faster and regenerates after the use of the High Shine 3D conditioner?
- Thanks to the High Shine 3D conditioner the horse hair becomes more flexible and far less susceptible to wearing away or brittleness, it does not get torn out or crumble. The components contained in the conditioner nourish and nurture the hair, which stimulates the growth of the mane and the tail.
Try for yourself how the High Shine 3D conditioner really works…

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