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My name is Agi Falenta and thanks to my long-term friendship and co-operation with Eqclusive I have a chance to tell you a few words about myself and my activities with Equitness.


I was born and grew up in Poland and I have spent all my life with horses. Probably like most of you, I cannot imagine my life without these wonderful animals (and friends).

From the age of 12, I spent every possible moment taking care of horses and going horse riding. At age 13, I started to take part in jumping competitions at regional and national levels. Over time, I specialised mainly in riding young horses and coaching. At age 18, I undertook a horse riding instructor course.

Agi Falenta Equitness - exercises and pilates for horse riders - on Eqclusive.com


As a teenager, I worked a lot with the horses and rode several horses a day, which resulted in having back problems. Then my physiotherapist introduced me to Pilates and yoga. I always had only one goal - to ride and participate in competitions as much as possible - so I quickly fell in love with pilates and yoga. Thanks to a new routine I stopped having back problems. From that moment, I soon realised how important exercise are for horse riders and that I had to do much more than improving my horses' performance. (You can have the best car ever but you need to have a able-bodied driver to maximise performance).

If you are athletic, strong and have a good balance and posture, your horse will certainly be better balanced too.

Agi Falenta - Equitness - Exercises and pilates for horse riders - on eqclusive.com

Horses and fitness have been massive parts of my life for years, so it was very natural for me to combine my two loves and passions and create Equitness.

Equitness is mainly created out of love for the people that need help and those who want to improve their riding - at any level.

After the birth of my children, riding is no longer a number 1 priority for me (as it once was) but teaching other people and helping my friends and customers is. Nowadays, we are very busy and always in a rush; work, school, family, horses, other animals, and in all of this we can often forget about ourselves. Many of us feel discomfort while riding due to back pain, hip and lack of flexibility. I try to always explain to my clients how important it is to find a few minutes a day for yourself and practice even 5-10 minutes a day. Even a short daily routine will help you gain better posture, balance, strengthen your muscles and make them more flexible and at the end it will help to minimise back pain and most importantly help you to relax.

Agi Falenta - Equitness - Exercises and pilates for horse riders - on eqclusive.com
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As a rider and instructor is important for me to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Recently, I discovered a wonderful and comfortable things that fit with my lifestyle. These beautiful, comfortable and fashionable tops accompany me everywhere. I can wear them all day - starting a business meeting, horseback riding, as well as meeting with clients in training and in my studio teaching Pilates.

I will be contributing again to this blog in coming months to suggest some useful routines for riders.

Agi Falenta - Equitness - Exercises and pilates for horse riders - on eqclusive.com

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