Eqclusive Packs - HAAS Horse Grooming Brushes - Which pack is best for me?


Eqclusive Packs and HAAS brushes in it are made of ethically-sourced horse hair and because of that they produce outstanding results when it comes to grooming. These brushes promote a healthy coat that produces a natural shine and nourishment, which both help with the growth of hair.

Firstly, by using brushes that consist of horse hair bristles, we ensure that the horse's skin receives a massage - this enhances the circulation – harking back to when horses were wild animals and this method naturally maintained their skin health. Furthermore, horse hair bristles ensure that a horse’s coat that is perhaps too sturdy or fluffy becomes smoother - with that, it receives more vitamins, nourishment from the root to tip.

Eqclusive invented Eqclusive Packs (patent pending) and is an exclusive distributor of HAAS brushes and many more exclusive products. With knowledge of over 18 years of using these brushes, the firm’s founder and ex professional groom, Marta Kotonska, has put together packs for horse owners to help them with everyday grooming to help maintain a healthy coat and impressive shine.

Why packs and which is best for me?

Simply due to the fact that not all horses are the same - each colour of horse has a specific coat and problems associated with it. Exactly, there is three types of coats and hence why three different packs.


Black horses have short, sturdy coat and due to their colour they produce a lot of oil. If the excess of the oil is not removed, the pores can become blocked and as a result, the coat will not benefit from optimal nutrition as it should. Moreover, they sweat a lot and when this sweat locks in with oil it becomes very hard to be removed by regular brushing. An Eqclusive Haas pack for black horses includes five brushes that help ensure that all dirt and non-essential oil on the skin is removed and only a healthy amount of oil is left. Haas brushes do not remove all of your horse’s natural oils from their hair and your horse is still protected from weather conditions.

HAAS Black / Short hair Horse Pack


Bay/Chestnut horses typically have a much softer coat, more sensitive skin and sweat considerably less than black horses. Due to the softness of their coat, they can become a magnet to dust. Haas packs for these horses include a brush that firstly removes all of the dust and dirt from underneath the coat (you will be shocked at the level of dust that will come out) and then followed by a brush that takes any remaining dust and dirt away from the top coat. Each pack comes with two “finishing brushes” that enhance the shine and give the show ready polished-look.

HAAS Bay / Chestnut Horse Pack


Grey/Coloured horses have a coat that feels soft, but if you go against it, it can be quite sturdy and stubborn. Their skin is usually not overly sensitive and they love a good scratch. The Haas pack for them consists of a brush made of coconut fibres that removes all stable and field-related stains, this process is followed by a brush that cleans both the undercoat and top coat.

HAAS Grey / White / Coloured Horse Pack

What if you have more than one horse? Get EQCLUSIVE UNIVERSAL PACK

Pack that caters for all coats. Comes with instructions for each specific colour of the coat that gives you a step by step way to achieve the best, shining results.


Eqclusive has put a lot of time in developing videos, tutorials as well as going to stables to understand and demonstrate these brushes. This has allowed the firm to build up an accurate idea of which brushes work best for horses to maintain healthy, beautiful, and show-ready horses all over the world. 

Eqclusive Packs are invented and designed by Eqclusive. All rights and copyrights reserved.


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  • I have a bright bay. What colour pack would I need

    • Terri Fleming
  • Hi, I have a black horse and a grey horse. What combination of brushes should I buy? Do you offer discounts if I bought a black pack and a grey one? Thanks

    • Sarah
  • Hi I have a palomino who is literally white at the moment when fully clipped. Is there no brushes for this colour?

    • Ayla Smith
  • I have a few horses . What are the prices ?

    • Emily
  • Dear EL
    I have a very very dark brown horse with solid white legs and a touch of white on his neck and mane. I think he has both cob, trotter and thoroughbred in him. Would I need the dark bay/black along with a white or coloured pack?

    • Susan